This year we are offering members the opportunity to purchase t-shirts, hats and windbreakers in their choice of available colors.  Each member may purchase upto 3 t-shirts, 2 hats and 1 windbreaker.  T-shirt color options are on this page; use te navigation buttons below to view Hats and Jacket color options.  The member price for t-shirts is $5 each for up to 3 shirts per member, hats are $10 each for up to 2 hats per member and windbreakers cost $30 each at 1 per member.

2019 CSCC 


T-Shirts  Hats  Jackets
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Color Chooser Slide Show:

Click on the right or left arrow on the slideshow below to see an example of all the different colors available.  Please keep in mind that the actual colors of shirts may vary slightly from the pictures shown here, due to your computer settings.

Sizing Instructions:

Using a shirt that fits the way you prefer, lay the shirt flat on a surface and measure from the shoulder seam at the collar to the bottom hem and measure from armhole to armhole across the chest.  Use the chart at the right to determine what size you will need.  Remember: These shirts are 100% cotton and will possibly be suseptible to some shrinkage.     Order your shirts accordingly.


Print your own Order Form

Next: choose your size

If you would like to print your own Order Form from home or any other computer with a printer you can do so here.   We've included a button for you to click on and download a PDF of the Order Form.  In order for you to be able to read this, your computer must have Adobe Reader or another PDF reader installed (Most Computers Do).  We've also included a link to download and install a free copy of Adobe Reader in case you need it (Hint: uncheck the box to install McAfee Security Scan before installing. )

T-Shirt Order Form


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